We believe in non-toxic skincare that improves the health of your skin


Luvanya is a winning combination of 2 doctors, Dr. Alpa & Dr. Alkesh Patel, Hema Shah, a business executive and Merrell Hollis, celebrity makeup artist. The doctors have a combined 28+ years in the medical field and have a true passion to create safe and effective skincare products. They have spent years researching each ingredient to custom formulate clean skincare that provide visible and lasting results. Merrell is well respected in the industry and has worked with numerous celebrities including Wendy Williams, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Nelly, Usher, and many others. His work has been featured in various media outlets including Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Vogue, InStyle, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Rolling Stone and much more. Having Merrell join Luvanya, provides us with insight from a diverse range of clients with varying skin issues. Our doctors have created custom formulas utilizing trusted and safe ingredients to resolve everyday skin issues. It’s a winning combination where we see both ends of the spectrum...everyday issues and the solutions to these issues! With Hema’s background, the brand is able to bring you quality, luxury products at the most cost effective prices.

Luvanya lets you be Confident in Your Own Skin

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Alpa Patel brings a unique perspective to the field of skincare. Due to severe health issues, and suffering from chronic illnesses, surgeries and treatments, she was forced to leave her thriving pediatric practice. The prescribed treatments were doing her more harm than good, not just internally but were even damaging to her skin. Dr. Alpa then turned to researching botanicals, natural oils and ayurvedic ingredients to treat herself, and after turning her skin back to life, she knew she had something to share with the world. Her biochemistry background allowed her to fully research each ingredient to create the most effective combinations; essentially combining Science + Nature for the most visible results.

After seeing this amazing turnaround, her husband, Dr. Alkesh Patel and sister, Hema Shah decided to join her on this mission. Merrell Hollis, celebrity makeup artist to Wendy Williams and others, had a passion in creating safe, clean skincare since he firsthand sees how easily skin can be damaged from harmful products, from working with celebrities who wear makeup all day long. This winning combination brings you the most well-formulated, cost effective products for your everyday skin regimen!