Tips on How to Maintain Smooth Skin

April 25, 2020 2 min read

Tips on How to Maintain Smooth Skin

Everyone seems to have skincare goals, but not everyone puts in the work required to encourage healthy skin. Although genetics may play a major role in skincare, the effort you put in towards taking care of your skin is what you will get out. Recent studies have found that apart from genetics, lifestyle factors can also contribute to the texture of your skin. Here are a few tips on how to maintain smooth skin: 

Say Good-bye to Dead Skin Cells 

Studies have found that buildup of dead skin cells can impact the skin's health as well as appearance, causing it to look dull, rough, dry, and pale in most cases. Removing dead skin cells from the facial area can help promote smooth, glowing skin. Research has also found that exfoliating the skin at least once a week can help improve its texture by eliminating dead skin cells from the face. Additionally, applying a facial cleanser to the face can help remove impurities and dead skin to restore smooth healthy skin. 

Exfoliators can come as washes, scrubs, masks and even serums.  Some products incorporate physical or mechanical exfoliants and others use chemical exfoliants. Using a gentle, leave on exfoliating serum that incorporates a blend of acids and fruit extracts is a nice, easy way to attain smooth, soft skin, while getting added anti-aging benefits! Additionally, applying a facial cleanser to the face can help remove impurities and dead skin to restore smooth healthy skin.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that dry skin causes the skin cells to die at a faster rate.  Unfortunately, this can cause the skin to develop a rough texture due to the number of dead skin cells over time. To avoid this, it’s vital to keep the skin moisturized to help hydrate the skin, which can ultimately help reduce dryness. 

Don’t Forget to Rest 

Studies suggest that the body needs at least eight hours of sleep to achieve adequate rest. Sadly, a lack of sleep can negatively impact the appearance of the skin. When the body gets enough rest, this allows the skin to heal, which is needed to help reduce blemishes and scarring in the facial area. Furthermore, when the body becomes restless, this can prompt premature aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines on the face, which can reduce skin firmness. Nevertheless, beauty sleep is a real thing, and it is a fundamental part of obtaining smooth, healthy skin. 

Maintain Healthy Pores 

When the pores become clogged and congested, this can cause the face to develop inflammation, which can result in acne, blemishes, and breakouts on the face. Over time, this can cause permanent scarring or hyperpigmentation to occur on the skin, causing its appearance and texture to change. 

Research indicates that exfoliating at least once a week can help support healthy pores. Exfoliation has been shown to help unclog the pores, which can help reduce inflammation on the face to prevent reoccurring acne or breakouts.