Nighttime nourishment is essential for glowing skin!

September 24, 2019 3 min read

Nighttime nourishment is essential for glowing skin!

At Luvanya, we believe prevention is the best method to address any health concerns, particularly when it comes to our skin.


During the day, our skin is exposed to many internal and external stressors which requires nighttime pampering not just to minimize its impact but also for rejuvenation. 


What factors negatively impact our skin?


  1. Foods lacking in micronutrients and anit-oxidants.
  2. Environmental stressors such as pollution and weather changes.
  3. UV light from sun exposure and Blue light exposure from computers and phone screens..
  4. Excessive buildup from makeup and not exfoliating routinely.

How do I take care of my facial skin at night?


There are three basic steps for proper skin care of your face at night.


  • Exfoliation - This is a very important step to remove debris and other buildup that occurs on the outer layer of our skin from the factors mentioned above. It improves turnover of the skin and allows for other important ingredients to penetrate more effectively. 

    We believe gently exfoliating your face sparing the eyes at night using AHA and other fruit acids can improve uneven skin tone and overall appearance of your skin. 


  • Hydration - This is essential for the entire body including the skin which is the largest organ in our body. Loss of water through the epidermis, the outer layer, is quite common and can lead to tired looking, saggy skin. 

    Hydration not only improves plumpness and resilience but also help the integrity of the skin as a barrier. Proper hydration gives that youthful appearance we are allcraving to have!


  • Replenishment - Once the exfoliation occurs, daily use of skincare with antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients to replenish your skin and improve the appearance and overall health of our skin. 

  • With our busy daily lives, how do we make sure our skin receives the treatment it needs to be rejuvenated and replenished every night?  


    Luvanya’s Exfoliating Elixir for nighttime use is packed with powerful ingredients that can provide exfoliation, hydration and replenishment that is needed for our skin.


     It contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and fruit acid complex that provides gentle yet effective exfoliation needed to remove excessive buildup from the skin layer. 


    Hyaluronic acid, algae extract, aloe vera and sodium PCA is a great combination for optimal skin hydration.  


    The combination of phytoceramides, squalane, Syn-ake peptides, and antioxidants like guava fruit extract, broccoli seed oil, mushroom extract, ferulic acid and sea buckthorn oil in our nighttime Exfoliating Elixir results in youthful, plumped skin and minimizes the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

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